Vertebroplasty in Fort Worth, TX & All Our Locations

Spinal fractures that are caused by compression injuries may benefit from vertebroplasty, a procedure that introduces new bone material into the area of the fracture. Texas Pain Institute offers vertebroplasty for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake and nearby areas of Texas.

What is Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty is a type of minimally invasive spine surgery that is recommended for compression fractures of the vertebrae. The procedure helps to relieve pain and improve mobility by creating a space in the vertebrae into which new bone material is deposited.

What are the Benefits of Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty is an option when other conservative treatments do not heal the vertebrae and the patient continues to experience pain and difficulty with body movements. It is an minimally invasive spine surgery, so the downtime and recovery is less than more invasive “open technique” spinal surgery.

Am I a Candidate for Vertebroplasty?

You may be a good candidate for our vertebroplasty procedure if you have a compression fracture that does not respond to physical therapy, medications and other conservative treatments. Another consideration for the procedure is if your compression fracture is coupled with certain complications, such as problems breathing or a heightened risk of bone loss.

How is Vertebroplasty Performed?

Vertebroplasty does not require general anesthesia. We give you a sedative to help you relax and administer a local anesthesia. Advanced imaging technology is used during the procedure to guide the needle to the fracture in your vertebrae. A device may be used to create a space around the fracture. A special type of bone cement is injected into the fracture.

What is the Recovery Like After Vertebroplasty?

We will monitor you for at least two hours in our recovery area to allow the cement to harden. You should notice an improvement in your pain and mobility within the first three days, and we schedule follow-up appointments to determine the extent to which the procedure helped with your symptoms.

What is the Prognosis After Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty offers our patients an excellent long-term solution for compression fractures that do not respond to more conservative approaches, such as rest and braces to heal the bone. Typically, patients do not need a secondary vertebroplasty, but there are a few cases where an additional treatment is needed. We encourage you to continue to work with your primary and specialty physicians to rehabilitate your back and restore mobility after your vertebroplasty.

Dr. Ved Aggarwal and his team offer vertebroplasty for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake and surrounding communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.