Upper Extremity Pain in Fort Worth, TX & All Our Locations

Chronic discomfort in your arms and shoulders may be a sign of upper extremity pain that can be addressed with interventional pan management treatments. Texas Pain Institute offers chronic pain management services for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake, and the nearby areas of Texas who live with upper extremity pain.

What is Upper Extremity Pain?

Upper extremity pain is described as any discomfort that occurs in the arms, shoulders, and between the shoulder blades. The pain is considered chronic if it persists for three months or longer. Pain in the areas may be related to nerve conditions along the spine or from the spine to the shoulders and arms.

Do I Have Upper Extremity Pain?

Chronic pain in the upper extremities may be constant or you may have bouts of discomfort that emerge with certain activities or body movements. The pain may be:

  • Radiating
  • Throbbing
  • Sharp
  • Dull and aching

You may also have other symptoms, such as weakness, numbness, tingling or reduced range of motion.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment for Upper Extremity Pain?

The goal of our interventional pain management services for chronic upper extremity pain is to alleviate the discomfort to help you follow the primary course of treatment that is outlined by your general or specialty physician. We work with you and your medical team to find techniques that reduce the pain that is associated with the underlying cause, such as arthritis, soft tissue damage, or inflammation.

How is Upper Extremity Pain Treated?

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Injections that contain medications to numb the nerves and reduce inflammation
  • Nerve blocks to prevent the nerves from sending pain signals

Patients who are reliant on prescription pain medications may be able to reduce their dosage or frequency under the advisement of their primary and specialty doctors.

What Should I Expect After Treatment for Upper Extremity Pain?

Given time, our treatments will significantly reduce or eliminate your chronic pain in the upper extremities, and you will be able to focus your energy on rehabilitating your body. Our therapies do not require any additional downtime.

If you are interested in effective treatments for chronic pain in your upper extremities, Dr. Ved Aggarwal and his team offer interventional pain management for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake, and the surrounding communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.