Rhizotomy in Fort Worth, TX & All Our Locations

Muscle spasms and agitated nerves in the spine are the source of chronic pain for many people. Rhizotomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery during which the nerves are severed within a specific area of the spinal column. Texas Pain Institute offers rhizotomy for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake and nearby areas of Texas.

What is Rhizotomy?

Rhizotomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery that aims to reduce chronic back pain and immobility by severing nerves that are agitated and continuously sending pain signals to the brain. It is typically recommended for patients who experience sufficient pain relief with steroid injections and desire a long-term solution to their chronic back pain.

What are the Benefits of Rhizotomy?

Steroid injections are intended to provide chronic back pain relief for several months, yet rarely work longer than one year. Patients who respond well to the injections may be interested in a more long-term solution for their chronic back pain rather than have periodic steroid injections. Rhizotomy offers a long-term solution.

Am I a Candidate for Rhizotomy?

You may be a candidate for our rhizotomy procedure if you have nerve-related chronic back pain that has responded well to steroid injections. The injections should demonstrate a significant reduction in pain.

How is Rhizotomy Performed?

Rhizotomy is performed using advanced imaging technology and radiofrequency energy. The procedure does not require general anesthesia. You are given a mild sedative, if necessary, and the area is numbed with a local anesthesia. The imaging technology is used to guide the probe to the nerve roots. Radiofrequency energy is administered, which severs the nerve at the root.

What is the Recovery Like After Rhizotomy?

Little to no downtime is needed after a rhizotomy procedure. The area may feel tender and sore for a few days. You will need to follow-up with your primary or specialty physician after the procedure.

What is the Prognosis After Rhizotomy?

In most cases, rhizotomy provides patients with long-term pain relief. In a few cases, the body regrows the nerves, and a secondary rhizotomy is required to eliminate the new nerves. Patients who have this procedure are encouraged to continue with the primary treatment plan that is outlined by their physician, as rhizotomy does not cure the underlying medical condition that causes chronic back pain.

If you have responded well to steroid injections for chronic back pain, you may benefit from rhizotomy. Dr. Ved Aggarwal and his team offer rhizotomy for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake and surrounding communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.