Caudal Steroid Injections in Fort Worth, TX & All Our Locations

You may have up to six months of relief from your chronic back pain and sciatica with our caudal steroid injections. Texas Pain Institute offers caudal steroid injections for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake and nearby areas of Texas.

What are Caudal Steroid Injections?

Caudal steroid injections are recommended for patients with sciatica, leg pain and lower back pain. The injections contain steroids to reduce inflammation and a local anesthesia to numb the area. This combination provides adequate relief for you to engage in primary care for the underlying issue. Patients may also find that they use less pain medication after caudal steroid injections.

What are the Benefits of Caudal Steroid Injections?

Inflammation around the nerves in your lower back creates pressure that results in pain signals to your brain. By reducing the inflammation with caudal steroid injections, you experience less discomfort and can enjoy your favorite activities and follow the instructions of your primary and specialty physicians.

Am I a Candidate for Caudal Steroid Injections?

If you have a history of adverse reactions to steroid medications, please discuss this during the consultation. Caudal steroid injections are typically recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with a lower back condition that causes inflammation around the nerves. You may experience:

  • Sharp, shooting pains in the buttocks or legs
  • Cramping in the legs , ankles or feet
  • Radiating or throbbing pain in the legs
  • Pain in the hips

Patients with conditions that benefit from caudal steroid injections typically have pain when standing, sitting or lying down.

How are Caudal Steroid Injections Performed?

Injections near the spine must be performed with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Texas Pain Institute is equipped with innovative imaging technologies to ensure that the needle is positioned properly before administering the medications. The injection may contain a local anesthesia to numb the area. You may feel a slight stinging sensation due to the steroids in the injection. The sensation lasts only a few seconds. We may need to make several injections to address your pain symptoms.

What is the Recovery Like After Caudal Steroid Injections?

No recovery is needed after caudal steroid injections. You should follow the instructions of your primary or specialty physician regarding any limitations to your activities, as well as any exercises or physical therapy to heal the underlying condition.

What is the Prognosis After Caudal Steroid Injections?

Caudal steroid injections may take two to three days to start reducing the inflammation, and the effects may last four to six months. Should your pain return, contact us to schedule additional injections.

Dr. Ved Aggarwal and his team offer caudal steroid injections for residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Southlake and surrounding communities in Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.